Headliners and Designers

CAPTION ABOVE: Met these guys in Ann Arbor, Michigan as they were doing some dope ass tagging. They were gracious enough to allow us to grab some shots and post them on the site so others can enjoy their serious talent. Keep up the inspiring work guys!


Meet petroTHAdestroyer AKA Bobby Destruktion AKA Kyd Kymodo AKA petroTHAcreator – whatever you want to call him, he’s one of a kind and he’s changing the face of the music industry for the better and we’re proud to be the kind of label he chooses to call home. Check his shit out – it’s dope. And the funny thing is – his newest releases were made almost 3 decades ago, so he was making hot shit when you were likely in diapers 😉

Newest Artist


A newcomer to the public music scene but a multi-talented singer/songwriter/composer and multi-instrumentalist who is making big things happen in a small time – keep your eyes peeled!

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